Garbage room (bikes)

If you store your bike in the garbage room please check to make sure that your bike is still there. Apparently, the normal bike count of 21 is now down to 19. This afternoon, two cut locks were found on the floor under another bike. It is believed that this theft is in conjunction with the January 27 break-in at Hallmark. If your bike was stolen you may identify your broken locks by providing the combination to the lock on one cable and a key for the other lock. These items have been placed in the Boardroom. Please contact Byron (806) for access to these locks.

If you discover that your bike has been stolen please contact the police via the following email: and quote case number CA19038494. 

Also, in your email, you must provide: Name (picture of licence), full address and a description of your stolen bike.

Thank you

Hallmark Board

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