Security Reminders

Two quick security reminders relating to observations that have been made in the building:

  1. Watch the garage door / parkade gate close when entering or leaving the upper or lower parkades. Running in through an unwatched/open door or gate is the most common way individuals get into our parking areas. The parkades should not be considered secure areas—protect your belongings as though they were outside.
  2. Remote Openers are a target for theft. Keep your door opener out of view or not in your vehicle at all. If your remote is lost or stolen, please report it as we can disable it.
  3. Entry Codes are only for people that you trust. Residents must come down to receive deliveries—do not give out your code to anyone but trusted friends and family. If you need or would like a new entry code for any reason, please don’t hesitate to request it (there’s a convenient online form even!). Keep in mind that entry codes are a revocable privilege
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