Privacy is a big concern these days (and rightly so!) so it’s worth addressing addressing up front. We (the ownership of Hallmark Estates) have a unique (if common) relationship and it may not always be obvious how the rules apply, perhaps especially with respect to this website.

First, Service Alberta has provided a fantastic FAQ specifically on how the “Personal Information Protection Act” (PIPA) applies to condos. It’s a good read; take a look.

When you register for the website, we require you to provide a number of details about yourself (name, unit, phone number, email) etc.—more than you would normally provide to someone on the internet! People that are registered with and have access to the site though are part of a closed community: the owners and residents of the building, so it’s not quite the same thing though. Only the board (who runs the site) has access to the personal details that you provide, and in fact, these are all details that we already have access to because you are required to provide them as part of conducting the business of Hallmark Estates. We’re duplicating that information here, partly for accessibility and partly because we hope it will easier to keep it up-to-date and accurate.

Much of the content on the website is protected and only viewable by registered owners and residents; your participation in the website is not monitored or tracked although if you make comments on posts or participate in forums (which may be protected or public) you will reveal at least some information about your identity. We don’t allow anonymous participation mostly because, it’s not the kind of community we are trying to foster here. Of course, you can always contact the board confidentially.

We (the board) will not disclose your information to anyone else outside of what is required of us in order to go about our duties. Nor will we contact you for anything that is not directly relevant to the operation of the building. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask.

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