Hallmark Estate Intercom Access Update

Over the past several years Hallmark Estates has been providing building access to residents and their guests using the keyless entry system on the intercom panel.  The system was initially put in place to counteract a problem with residents just “blind buzzing” in people that contacted them on the intercom system. 

A recent audit of the system found that a large number of delivery drivers and random visitors were using codes and entering the building at will.    It became clear during the audit that keyless entry codes were not being used responsibly and as a result the security of the building was at risk.  The Board has spent the last 6 months to a year discussing this issue and at their last meeting resolved to make some changes to the system.

The current keyless entry program will be terminated on March 30th, 2022 and at that time we will go back to allowing residents to buzz visitors up from the intercom panel.  When visitors arrive and buzz you from the intercom panel you will be able to identify them and buzz them up by pressing 9 on your phone. 

Security of the property remains a concern for the Board and we would encourage all residents to be pro-active with regard to security.  Ensure you only provide access to people you know.  We will continue to monitor the system and review any potential security issues.  If residents are found to be in violation of the intercom policy they may lose intercom privileges.

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